California Village Africa

....a Luxurious Lifestyle in an Exclusive Gated Community


Introducing Sabangali California Village Africa

In a unique and exclusive location that overlooks the astounding Chari River lies the Sabangali Master Planned Community, an integrated resort of over 100 acres designed by an international team of architects and engineers.

Sabangali California Village Africa is the first of its kind in the Central African region developed with the clear vision to provide the most comfort with modern and luxurious residences in N’Djamena. Built as part of the landmark Sabangali Master Planned Community, which includes the 5-Star N’Djamena Hilton, residents are granted access to incomparable amenities and a lifestyle not available anywhere else in Sub Sahara Africa.


Exclusive Location

The beautifully integrated Sabangali California Village Africa are situated with stunning views of the Sabangali Golf Course and the Chari River.

Its exclusive location is a destination of choice for those who want convenient access to the city while living in an upscale atmosphere. Unlike other residential areas, Sabangali California Village Africa is a harmonious gated community that is strategically located within 10 minutes of the city center and the airport. Modern facilities allow for easy access to anywhere in N’Djamena.


Villa Options

Residents can choose from different villa styles, ranging from 3 to 5 bedrooms, and lot sizes from 900 to 3000 square meters. Inside each villa, residents will find attention to detail in every corner. Every villa is built with deluxe interior finishes and fixtures ensuring residents a modern and stylish interior, while maintain the harmonious community style.




The Sabangali Master Planned Community provides residents access to world class infrastructure not available anywhere else in the country.

The privately built community infrastructure allows Sabangali California Village Africa to enjoy the same advanced utilities one comes to expect from any international destination that offers comfort and modern living.

A feature unique to only Sabangali California Village Africa, each villa enjoys Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) connection providing residents with the fastest high speed phone, internet, and true HDTV transmissions using IPTV technology, making it the first electronically advanced residential compound in the CEMAC region.

Instead of having a private and noisy diesel generator in each villa to deal with power outages, the community relies on an on-site 3 Mega Watt power plant. Residents are assured of stable electricity throughout the day and night.

Purified water and irrigation for landscapes and gardens come standard with each villa.



Featuring 200 guest rooms and suites outfitted with all the amenities of a modern 5-Star luxury hotel, N’Djamena Hilton is a relaxing oasis in the heart of the Sabangali Master Planned Community.

Located within the 5-Star N’Djamena Hilton are a mix of carefully chosen restaurants and bars offering the best of international cuisine and dining options offered in N’Djamena today.

Villa residents have the unique opportunity to benefit from all the amenities that the 5-Star N’Djamena Hilton has to offer without ever leaving the Sabangali Master Planned Community:

  • 24-Hour Dining Buffet overlooking the river
  • Specialty Restaurant for Fine Dining
  • Modern Whiskey Bar
  • Lobby Bar with Glowing Displays
  • Pool Bar with Wet Seats
  • Spa & Fitness
  • Beauty Salon


Swimming Pool

Boasting the largest swimming pool within 2000 Km in any direction, villa residents, their families, and their guests have access to the perfect place to relax and cool off from the daily heat.

Featuring cascaded infinity swimming pools with shades inside the water, the visitors are protected in luxury from the bristling sun. Beverages and meals are served poolside through the exquisite outdoor bar.

Buyer’s Privilege First time buyers will have a unique privilege available personally. The first time buyers will be issued a Personal Privilege Card allowing them free access to the Golf Course for one year and discount on laundry services, fitness center, and spa.