Our Team

Emil Youssefzadeh

Emil PictureMr. Youssefzadeh founded Salim Group in 2008 for the purpose of investments in emerging markets and ICT ventures. Until September 2013, Mr. Youssefzadeh was also the chairman of STM Group Inc. which he founded in 1984 and led its phenomenal success. Widely regarded as a pioneer in the VSAT industry, his accomplishments include: the launch of a domestic satellite program in his native country, Iran, in the 1970s; research and development on satellite communication systems at Hughes Aircraft the predecessor to Boeing Satellite systems, and subsequent creation of several companies from star-up through exit. . He earned his Masters and Engineering Degrees in Electrical Engineering, with focus on information theory and satellite communications, from Stanford University.

Umar Javed

Umar PictureUmar Javed oversees SALIM's global operations and business units. He joined SALIM after serving STM Group for 15 years in various capacities including VP Operations, VP Global Sales, Executive Vice President, and President & Chief Operating Officer. Umar also serves as President of Global IP, a SALIM Technology Company that develops high-throughput satellite programs for NexGen broadband services in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. He has a Master's Degree in Business Administration.

 Salim Youssefzadeh

Salim PictureSalim Youssefzadeh has been involved in the telecommunications sector for a few years now. He holds two bachelors degrees from UCLA in Engineering and Math and two masters from San Luis Obispo in Computer Science and an MBA. After graduating Salim spent two years working at HGST as a software engineer before transitioning into the telecommunication sector. Salim also holds his private pilots license and has a strong understanding of flight dynamics 

 Naeem Muhammad

Naeem Picture Naeem Muhammad is currently serving as General Manager of Salim Group operation in UAE and also handling financial matters of Hilton N'Djamena. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and MBA in Finance. Naeem has more than 21 years' experience in handling financial matters of multiple sectors including Manufacturing, Construction and Hospitality. 




"Our group’s DNA and fabrics are deeply rooted in fundamental development in emerging and frontier markets."